Welcome Our Newest Contributing Writer

Pronto Signore,

It took a bachelor’s degree, 4 grueling internships, 5 beautiful countries, and 21 diverse cities for me to finally convince myself that writing will always be my greatest tool to educate, persuade, make someone laugh, and spread a little positive energy. After creating my own online women’s magazine this past year, TheWritedose.com, I have come to terms with the fact that I am exceptional at two things: writing great content and traveling all over Italy only to sample and find the best gelato. So, if you ever happen to find yourself in the most historic and beautiful country the world has to offer, please go to San Gimignano and order a hazelnut gelato and then call me and personally thank me for changing your life. 

My name is Brittany Priore and I am the Founding Editor-in-Chief of TheWriteDose.com. The Write Dose aspires to be a positive online community where women like you and me can come together to empower, inspire, and unite other women through the content we create and the stories we tell. We hope to shift the dialogue with women toward a more meaningful and uplifting message of spreading self-love and expression. 

I graduated from Florida International University with an intensive writing degree in Psychology. And if things had gone as planned I would be in my second year of a Clinical Psychology program right now, but instead, I chose to follow my heart and pursue a career in writing. Being apart of such a social media adept culture brings me to the belief that I can reach more women behind a screen than I can behind a desk.  

As the newest contributing writer for A Woman’s Word, I will be featuring articles that focus on the evolution of women in every aspect from beauty, to literature, to career growth. I am incredibly excited to be joining Sarah and the rest of the AWOM Lab team as we embark on this lifelong journey of female empowerment. 


Brittany Priore


Brittany Priore