Bad Girls Throughout History by Ann Shen: The Argentinian Feminist

Eva Peron was one of the most influential women in South American History and one of the world’s first First Ladies to advocate women’s rights and equality. But before any of that, she had simple dreams of becoming an actress. At 15-years-old, shortly after her father's death, Eva moved to Buenos Aires to pursue a career as an actress. Unfortunately, she lacked any real theater training and was only able to find acting gigs in small theater productions. She did, however, obtain a few small roles in motion pictures and on the radio. Eventually, Eva found permanent work with one of the largest radio stations in Buenos Aires where her salary jumped from 150 pesos per month to thirty-five thousand pesos per month!  

In 1943, Eva met Juan Peron and married him a few years later in 1945. By 1946, with the help of Eva, Juan was elected President of Argentina. She played a major role in his political campaign- something no woman had done before at that point. Following President Peron's election, Eva became a very important political figure to her nation. In 1947, due to Eva’s national women’s suffrage campaign, suffrage for women became a law and by 1951 women were allowed to vote for the first time in a national election. Due to her political involvement in social welfare, Eva became the unofficial Secretary of Labor which eventually led to the Maria Eva Duarte de Peron Welfare Foundation that was founded in 1947. 

In 1951, it was announced that Eva Peron was going to be running for Vice President in the next presidential campaign. However, due to poor health, this never happened and Eva passed away a year later at just 33-years-old. 

Since her death, Eva Peron’s life has been the subject of countless films, plays, and books. To this day, she continues to enchant the world with the remarkable legacy she left behind because it is truly one of inspiration, victory, and female empowerment. 

Brittany Priore