March for Our Lives: Students Nationwide Take a Stand for Change

                On Saturday March 24th, students, parents, and just about everyone linked arms and ignited protests all around the country. The protests were in response to the 17 students that were killed in The Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. With a community left in devastation, action had to be taken. These tragic events led people of all backgrounds to join together in hope for a better future. March for Our Lives' turnout was estimated to be 1.5 -2 million, making it one of the biggest protests in United States History. Emma Gonzalez, a student activist, gave a chilling speech explaining the horror of that fatal day and shared the pain of losing her beloved classmates. She pledged Never Again. Never Again is a gun-control advocacy group co-founded by Gonzalez. She leaves the crowd speechless with one statement, “Fight for your lives, before it is someone else’s job.” This push for action by young students can be admired worldwide. The younger generation are more organized than ever before and are vocal about exercising their rights. These young kids everywhere are realizing the immensity of their power and the importance of their voice. They are no longer accepting the way things are. They are too busy creating a world they want to live in. They are a true representation of change and I applaud all the bravery from each and every student. We are breaking boundaries, one by one. We are in control of our lives and will no longer stay silent about things that matter. We are the future. 


Watch Emma Gonzalez’s Full Speech Here:


Raquel Genae