4 Simple Ways To Shift Your Energy

It’s so easy to allow ourselves to get pulled down by our own negative thoughts and it’s even easier for us to allow ourselves to stay down. But no one wants that. What we all really want is to live a happy and healthy life, right? And that doesn’t only come from exercising and eating our greens. Overall health starts in our brain. It starts with our thoughts and the way we speak to ourselves. So from here on out we are going to stop focusing on our negative thoughts and we’re going to start shifting our energy to a more positive perspective with these four easy steps: 

1. Start replacing “I’m sorry” with “Thank you.” Instead of apologizing for being late, thank the person for their patience. Instead of apologizing for giving a co-worker a heft work assignment, thank them for their hard work and effort.

2. Stop using the word “hate.” Hate is such a strong word and no matter the topic it’s just allowing negativity to control your emotions. Start using phrases like, “I don’t like” or “I prefer” or “That’s not my taste.”

3. Turn the sad music off and listen to a podcast. Get out of your own head and allow yourself to indulge in the perspective of someone else. You can find a podcast that relates to how you’re feeling or you can find a totally random one that allows you to get your mind off of it completely! 

4. Start smiling more. When you pass someone on the streets or on the subway, flash them a smile. Studies actually show that habitual acts of smiling shift the brain which allow it to think in a more positive mindset and they reduce stress! 

Brittany Priore