European Wax Center: Leading the Movement to Ax The Pink Tax

How is it possible to love European Wax Center even more than we already do? They are taking a stand for our rights and furthering our education on issues we might not be aware of. They have done more than just support us. EWC has launched a nationwide campaign called #AxThePinkTax to put a stop to inequities between genders. First of all, What is The Pink Tax?

A few facts you need to know about The Pink Tax:

  •  The Pink Tax is the extra amount of money women must pay for certain products and services.
  • Some of the products that are impacted by this tax are Deodorant, Body wash, Razors, Shampoo, and Shaving gel.
  •   According to From Cradle to Cane: The Cost of Being a Female Consumer, a Study on Gender Pricing in New York City, in every industry that was studied products for female consumers were more likely to cost more.
  •    Due to the Pink Tax, A woman pays an extra 1,351 a year.

There should be no reason women are charged more on similar personal products for men. European Wax Center is dedicated to using their platform to shine a light on The Pink Tax and encourage women to rise up against this injustice. They are working with Refinery 29 for their “365 days of Women” campaign, which applauds countless brave women and their accomplishments, and pushes toward the changes that need to be made. After they launched the site women everywhere started asking questions like, “How can I help?” and wanted to know how to contribute to this movement. The most shocking truth was that most of us weren’t even aware that we were being charged more. EWC paired up with Cosmopolitan to investigate this tax and ask individuals if they have ever heard of the The Pink Tax. All had reactions of disbelief, confusion, and eagerness to learn more.

Aside from the thousands of dollars that EWC has given to charities centered around empowering and improving the lives of millions of women, they will be offering a 13.5% discount throughout April for any product or service at all 650 locations.  To join the movement, they are also offering pink brows to “raise a pink brow against The Pink Tax.”

European Wax Center is setting an incredible example for companies everywhere. They care about the well-being of women and believe in spreading a bigger message. Their hope and goal is to gain mass awareness on this topic so it can lead to eliminating this tax. With our help, it is possible. They leave us with a message to remember, not only when you walk into a convenience store, but also when you look at yourself in the mirror.  Women are equal. “Women deserve equal prices for equal products.”

So how can you get more involved?

  • Get the conversation going. Let your girls know! There are plenty of people who are not aware of The Pink Tax. Awareness is always the first step.
  •  Support the movement. Go to the nearest European Wax Center and get your pink brows!
  •  Share the information you’ve learned on on social media.  You are gifted with a voice and a platform! Spread the word.
  • Build a group in your community and plan meetings to take action. Decide to make more conscious decisions on the products you buy.
  •  Remember, their pockets will be felt, and our voices will be heard.

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Raquel Genae