A Hair Revolution: Why Women are Deciding to Chop it off this Season

This is more than just a haircut. Women everywhere have been impacted by the limiting standards of what makes a woman beautiful. For as long as we can remember, our hair was our beauty. It was a symbol of sex appeal and confidence. Our hair has been glued to our identity for so long, we start to question the fear behind it. There is an anxious search for our value beyond our looks, and this new hair trend says it all. We are cutting off all the decisions that have been made for us. We are cutting off toxicity and the pressure of living up to these standards. By cutting off our hair, we are taking our power back and preparing ourselves for a fresh start and perspective. Women are not only beautiful (hair or not), but we are so much more. Strong, witty, and passionate are among the many traits we carry. This new sense of freedom we have attained has unlocked new potential in our own lives that we might not have been aware of. Major life changes like this have given us the push we need. So, take some risks! Chop it off if you feel like it. You can rock anything, and you are already everything so Why not?

Image by: @amore.w

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Raquel Genae