Practice Ways To Combat Work-Related Stress

Every woman battles stress. But when you’re a business professional or you own a business, the stress can be so overwhelming that it wears you down, hinders your effectiveness, and causes major health problems. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the stress in your life and help you achieve more of your goals.

Keep your finances in order.

Anxiety related to finances has a hold on a significant portion of women in the United States. While money can’t buy happiness, the mismanagement of it can bring on some serious stress. The importance of budgeting, prioritizing and staying organized cannot be overstated when it comes to setting yourself up for success. Also, your credit matters. If it’s damaged, take the necessary steps to repair it. Paying off debt and taking care of your credit score will pay off when you need more capital down the road.

Get sleep.

Stress can impede adequate sleep, and lack of sleep can cause problems that lead to stress. It’s a vicious cycle. No matter who you are, you need quality rest so that your mind and body can recover from the activities of the day. If you own a business, oversee a number of employees or work in a professional field, you’re even more likely than other people to sacrifice sleep so you can get ahead in your career. But sleep deprivation will hinder you from hitting the ground running and accomplishing your goals.

Eat right.

What you eat is also essential. As sleep helps our body recover, food is meant to give our body energy to fulfill the duties of everyday life. But if you’re not getting the nutrients you need because of a poor diet, it will sap you of energy and ultimately keep you from working efficiently. Also, some women eat junk food and overeat when they feel especially stressed, but “stress eating” usually just leads to more stress. Be mindful of what you eat for the sake of your health and career.


Like sleeping and eating well, exercising is a basic need of our mind and body. Besides the physical benefits, having a fitness routine has countless mental and emotional health benefits. Yoga is popular among women because of how it provides an overall body workout, implements meditation and other mindfulness techniques into its routines, and can significantly reduce stress. Many professionals prefer to work out in the early morning to jump-start the workday. But no matter when you exercise, the important thing is that you make room for it in your daily routine.

Make time for self-care.

It’s important to practice self-care. While sleeping, eating and exercising are all forms of self-care, other forms include doing things that help you to relax and bring joy to your day. For instance, go and get a mani-pedi on your lunch break. Take a walk outdoors when you’re experiencing tension in the workplace. Opt to stay in for the weekend to read a book or host a girls’ night with wine and movies. Find a hobby that can help you take your mind off of your work for a moment. Relaxing for a moment will help you to have more energy for your career.

Delegate tasks.

Finally, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks out to those around you. If your plate is full and you have something you know an employee or team member can perform sufficiently, pass it on to them. If you’re overwhelmed with stress on a regular basis, your team will notice. If you want to succeed as a leader and/or team member, learn how to delegate tasks.

Being a busy professional or owning a business is stressful. But that doesn’t mean you have to let the stress control your life. Start by getting your finances in order. Make sure you get adequate sleep, eat well, and exercise consistently. Lastly, practice self-care and delegate tasks out to those around you.


Photo Credit: Unsplash

Sarah Akiba