A World of Women

She might have helped you curate your brand's social media aesthetic at AWOM LAB, she might have planned your company's latest gala, and styled you too! She might have sparked up a conversation with you at Le Cafe, or she may have invited you to volunteer your time at AWOM Girl's Club at Olsen Middle School. 

However you know, or have come to know Sarah Akiba whether digitally, in-person, or in passing - you have also met her passion to uplift and connect women. 

Although National Women's Day has passed, Sarah has reverently made it her life's mission to empower women everyday: Creatively, passionately, and purposefully. 

While some may have stumbled upon an old, 4,000 SF storage room and saw just that, Sarah's entrepreneurial mind envisioned a space dedicated to talented, go-getter, women.

Designed with The Wing NYC in mind, Sarah gathered her female troops to create AWOM LAB, which stands for A Women's Lab: A creative agency led by women that are on a mission to empower the female CEO to her fullest potential through branding services, business development planning, event planning and more.

Let's keep the National Women's Day momentum going by hearing Sarah's very own women inspos and what she admires most about being a woman;

Q: Who are some inspirational women you are inspired by and why?

SA: I am inspired by so many women for so many different reasons.

Oprah, well because she’s Oprah. But I am totally fathomed by the way she speaks and how tone and being present are so key. I admire that.

My students at Olsen middle school. All 179 of them inspire me every day to be a better person. Their innocence is bliss and their hardships make them who they are. They make me stronger! 

My mom. That woman has been through it all and some, she still finds a way to be positive and keep pushing and thriving. That’s who I get it from!

Q: Do you remember a time where you felt be-litted or judged for being a female in the entrepreneurial world? How did you overcome this feeling?

SA: I often got the question “how is your little lab doing?” Or “your little clothing line” I’m not sure if this was because I’m 5 feet tall or a woman, but it definitely didn’t make me feel grand, but I used that to build it to be anything but little. It’s a movement and people see that now. 

Q: What do you love most about being a women? 

SA: My favorite thing about being a woman is that we have a certain touch, a certain love, and style to everything. “The Woman’s Touch”

Danielle Doran