CRISTINA SOSA of Raw Residency

CEO/Founder of Raw Residency, Cristina Sosa wants to help you discover your true, authentic self.


Developed with three principles in mind: Growth, Movement, and Connection - Raw Residency is a membership based community in South Florida designed to empower and inspire through curated RAW group talks and experiences.


Members of RR can expect intentional experiences based on concepts such as personal enrichment, wellness, beauty/fashion, sex and relationships, finance, entrepreneurship, and social impact.


Sosa reached a point in her life where she was not exercising her creative muscle and decided to repurpose her life mission.


“At one point in my life I realized I stopped creating, I stopped being “me” because of the limiting belief that I had to be a certain way to be successful, fulfilled or loved. It wasn’t until I started creating from a place of authenticity and expressing freely that I was able to just BE. There is tremendous freedom when you can just BE - free of judgment, free of shame, free of guilt.


The creative drought Sosa experienced, lead to her development of Raw Residency to help others tap into their RAW selves.


Sosa created the monthly membership experience, Leave It On The Table where members are encouraged to share their fears and insecurities. The idea is to leave hindering thoughts and habits on the table and not bring them back into their personal lives in an effort to promote interpersonal growth.


“The goal is to get RAW, something deeper than just the surface of one particular subject. We are a product of our deepest secrets/ fears so in this day of age we can’t afford to hold that [fear] in, we need people to start talking.” said Sosa.


Additionally members engage creatively and in motion with one another through experiences designed to challenge and inspire. Members can expect hands-on experiences such as volunteering with the Lotus House organization, learning the art of macaroon making, or discovering how to get in touch with your sensuality through a Vixen Workout dance class.


Ladies, get to know who you are. Challenge yourself. Take a leap of faith. Sosa leaves AWOM readers with this piece of advice:


“Its time to RISE & SHINE, accept all that we are and own our authentic power, because that’s the only way we can truly be of service to others. HAVE FUN, PLAY, BE GRATEFUL with what you have RIGHT NOW! Life is suppose to be fun, don’t take yourself too seriously.”



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