So Akiba introduces Dania Beach’s very own Parisian coffee shop, Le Café

So Akiba introduces Dania Beach’s very own Parisian coffee shop, Le Café


Make your Monday morning pit stop in the south of France by indulging in Le Café’s French delicacies.

Sarah Akiba, Founder of AWOM Lab is sharing her admiration for coffee and Parisian culture by designing Le Café with intention and communion in mind.

Le Café is open from 9 a.m. to  4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. This gives you five opportunities to treat yourself to a delicious cappuccino accompanies by a buttery, handcrafted, croissant.


Maybe you might spark an invigorating conversation with the person next to you! Le Café’s ambiance is interaction focused by providing guests with an intimate space to chat with one another all while being surrounded by beautiful greenery.


Akiba tells Le Café’s story and provides a word of advice for fellow women-led entrepreneurs who are “doers” that love to take on many projects:


1. What motivated the creation of Le Café?


I walked past a window and what I saw in mind was a garden. In front of that window was a gorgeous piece of marble in the shape of a woman, obviously. I asked my mom, who owns the property, “Why isn’t this space being used?

Everyone who knows me knows that my morning coffee is my thing and I absolutely adore the feeling of a coffee shop. Everyone who has been to Paris knows that there is nothing like a Parisian coffee shop! The window + the statue + my mom already owning the space + my love for coffee = Le Café by So Akiba.


2. Describe what clients will experience at Le Café that might differ from traditional cafes (Starbucks, DD, etc.)


This coffee shop is intimate. It really gives you that “I’m in Paris” feeling. Everything about how we designed it, from the trees we planted, to the music playing in the background, it really gives it that French motif you can’t find anywhere else. Especially, the commercial coffee shops.


3. What are you most excited for customers to try? Name a few Parisian menu items that will be featured!


Our croissants are what everyone is drooling over. We researched and found a perfect French baker that gave us the authenticity of French pastries and breads. Our baguettes are served with sweet butter and jam, reflecting the orders of a French café in Paris or in the South of France.


But, my favorite dish that I want people to try is the Oeuf a la coque. It is a simple, but significant Parisian traditional dish. It is a soft-boiled egg that you have to crack open with a spoon so that the yolk pours out. Then, you take small pieces of the baguette and dip them in the yolk and Voila!


4. What advice do you have for other women-led entrepreneurs who are managing multiple companies/platforms? How do you find balance and time for yourself while also being entrepreneurial?


My advice is to stick to one thing. Don’t be like me. I am too passionate and I just run with it! Or just try it all! Because everyone’s definition of success is different. Who knows what this will become? Maybe it’s just a fun project I created with my mom….or maybe it will become a franchise and be bought out by Starbucks! Who knows?!


5. Those who know you whether personally or digitally can see you create with intention. What intention did you have in mind for Le Café?


A place where people can meet and be convivial. What better feeling then to talk to each other from one table to the next?

Written by Danielle Doran

Danielle Doran