Earth is Her Antidote - Meet Sophie Zembra

Sophie Zembra’s Got the ANTIDOTE to Ethical Fashion

So… you’ve swapped your plastic straws for metal straws and keep your reusable bags for grocery shopping in your car to avoid using an ambush of plastic bags, you’re on the right track!


Ever thought of making an environmentally conscious wardrobe switch? 


With fashion being one of the largest consumer industries, purchasing from brands that support sustainability can help reduce the population’s carbon footprint and play a role in preserving Earth’s natural resources.


Founder/CEO of Antidote, Sophie Zembra has curated a selective line of environmentally friend brands that also provide a high-fashion quality. Look good while doing good!


Shoppers can visit Antidote in Wynwood, FL or shop online! The Antidote team has made sustainable shopping a breeze by allowing you to shop by ethical qualities. This online feature organizes the items by how they contribute to the environment such as being vegan, recycled, artisanal, eco-friendly, and more!


An innovative, finance friendly concept Antidote has incorporated into their online store is a feature called AfterPay which allows you to complete your purchase in two, no-interest installment plans. This means you can enjoy your D'ESTREE pale-pink Shearling Tote Bag now and pay as you go. Truly genius.


In a society where brands are using terms like “eco-friendly” or “sustainable” in an effort to attract customers, Sophie shares her expert approach in hand selecting quality brands for Antidote and also shares the cute, sustainable, Valentine’s Day gift you can give your loved one this year!



1. What research or decision making skills go into selecting the high-quality, sustainable brands for Antidote? 


This is perhaps one of our most tedious tasks, especially now-a-days when more and more brands are using the term sustainability to help market themselves and are not actually following sustainable practices. Sustainability is a very broad term that can mean different things, that’s why we’ve organized our product assortment under different sustainable categories, which we also follow during our buying process. Ideally, the brands we decide to represent follow more than just one category. We ask brand partners to be as transparent with us as possible, sending them a complete questionnaire for them to fill out including factory addresses, imagery, fabric descriptions, and more in depth information on their commitment to sustainability. 


2. In a world where many large corporations are focused on minimal cost labor and minimal cost materials, What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion breaking into the main stream markets? 


We believe sustainable fashion will become the new norm, especially in today’s world where consumers are purchasing more consciously and becoming more educated on sustainability. Although for some brands it may have just started as a marketing tool, they will eventually find themselves adapting these practices per consumers request.


You already see brands like Everlane and Reformation that are modestly priced creating very successful brands through radical transparency, producing products with the finest regenerative material in factories that are monitored daily and pricing their products lower than the traditional mark-up.


3.  Antidote features a wide variety of products/brands from biodegradable IPhone cases to recycled fiber berets, what's one product you feel readers should 100% put on their Valentine's Day list this year? 


Yes, we are very proud of our new tech category, which feature the Pela Case biodegradable IPhone cases and will definitely be expanding soon. There are many options to choose from but if I had to choose just one for this Valentines Day I would say the Boy Smells special edition Valentine’s Day Candles available in a variety of scents, PetalLes, and Kush- a perfect option for him or her. 


4. What new products/brands/ideas can we expect from Antidote this year?


Many new and exciting projects are happening this year, not many I can disclose at the moment, however, I can say that we have started launching some private label accessories and you can be expecting new categories very soon!



Interested in adding intentional, enviro-friendly collections to your wardrobe? Visit Antidote’s storefront located at 2613 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127.