Nothing but a Gee Thing - About Steph Gee

The Gee Women are helping you get the skin goals you’ve always wanted with expert beauty routines

 Women-led, beauty experts, Gee Beauty create customized makeup and skin care routines that are results-driven and tailored to your unique skin type, age, and schedule.

Also offering makeup services, brow perfecting consultations, and retailing only the highest quality of beauty and wellness products, the Gee Women want you to feel beautiful in minimal time! Interested in changing your skin care routine for the summer? Experience a Gee Beauty consult at their Miami Beach studio.

Skilled, beauty expert and professional makeup artist Miriam Gee has strived to enhance every client’s natural beauty in her multi-decade career. Daughters, Natalie, Celene, and Stephanie have mirrored Miriam’s transformative approach to beauty and together have created the high-end, all-skin loving, brand that is @GeeBeauty.

Experts not only in beauty, but in branding too! Stephanie Gee, the youngest Gee, stays on the pulse of the company’s operations and media. From managing Gee Beauty’s digital voice, e-commerce channel, and educating clients with one-on-one consultations in person and digitally, Stephanie loves connecting with clients in all facets.

Being booked and busy is a blessing! However, it is important to make time for self care so you can be your best self. Stephanie Gee shares her thoughts on balance, beauty tips, and more!

The Interview:

1. Being an advocate for balance, how do you balance being the brand's director of operations and media with your self-care routine? What are your favorite ways to decompress and practice mindfulness? 


Balance will always be an ongoing goal, especially with how quickly today’s world operates. I am a big believer in staying active, both mentally and physically. I aim to workout 5 days a week, which I value as an hour dedicated to my self improvement, and always seem to be when my best ideas come to me! When I workout in the morning, I find I have a more productive day and a better nights sleep. I have also recently started a ‘wind down’ nighttime routine of lighting my salt lamp, and spraying my bed sheets with a lavender spray to calm my body and mind. Valuing this time has helped me reset for better balance. Everything counts!

2. What is your favorite, quick, go-to makeup routine on a busy morning? 

A fresh, sun kissed look. Created with all Gee Beauty makeup! My go-to’s are: Prime Skin in Medium, Concealer in Medium Peach, Brow Pencil in Brunette, XLXL Mascara, Golden Glow Bronzer (extra on the cheeks), Hanky Panky Lipstick and out the door! This look is featured on my YouTube channel because time is precious!

(Psst..Here’s a direct link to Stephanie’s Morning Makeup Routine video: 

3. Fill in the blank: I feel incomplete when I'm not wearing __________.

Lipstick! True story: I wore bright pink lipstick everyday for an entire summer at sleepover camp - canoe trip included! Lipstick is part of me. 

4. What keeps you motivated? 

My family! I’m so blessed to have a strong and supportive family, who I not only get to create and grow a brand with, but who motivate and push me to reach new personal and professional achievements. I also love the internet, especially Instagram and YouTube, as a way to connect with those who inspire me or those who can engage with my feeds. I’ve been working in the beauty industry for 12 years, but with my ‘new' digital presence, I I feel like I’m just getting started…


5.  What is one nugget of wisdom beauty has taught you? 

Beauty starts from within. I have seen and heard it all from my 12 years of experience and I know that beauty is a unique combination of taking care of yourself both inside and outside. As much as I believe in the power of serums, I equally believe in the power of working out, eating vegetables and having fun! And thankfully for Instagram, you can DM me any of your personal beauty questions and I’ll always answer! 

Being a women-led and women-focused organization, we love to showcase go-getters in the industry leading inspirational brands. If you are interested in booking a one on one consultation or need to go on a makeup haul visit Gee Beauty Miami at 1845 Purdy Avenue
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